“We are a health service provider dedicated to render patient-centered, passion-driven care of the highest quality.”


We are committed:

  • To provide the COMMUNITY


  1. Quality and excellent health care at all times,

  2. A comprehensive program for the delivery of specialized medical services cognizant of the highest standards of competence, ethics and integrity, and,

  3. The best example of corporate social responsibility, either singly or with our co-advocates;

  • To provide our HOSPITAL STAFF an environment of professional and personal growth and development;

  • To provide our SHAREHOLDERS optimal transparency and equitable returns;

  • To provide our PARTNERS AND ALLIES in and out of government utmost assistance in the task of nation-building;

  • To keep our ENVIRONMENT safe and preserve it for the sake of future generations, and;

  • To work together as ONE FAMILY for God’s greater glory and the welfare of all.




Our Quality Statement

“Service Excellence with a Heart”



Our Quality Policy

“We at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Inc. as one family are committed to provide the highest quality health care in restoring and maintaining the health of our clients with the spirit of compassion and concern.

We shall continually strive to be recognized by our health care practitioners, shareholders and the community for our integrity, dedication to work, professional conduct and commitment to continuous quality improvement.”




 Zero Error, Zero Delay