The Intensive Care Unit / Critical Care Unit (ICU/CCU) is a specialized area equipped with monitoring, diagnostics and therapeutic devices designed to provide intensive observation, continuous monitoring and care for cardiac and non-cardiac medical, surgical, obstetric and pediatric patients who are in an unstable vital condition or who may urgently require treatment on life support systems.

The ICU/CCU of St. Elizabeth Hospital Inc. is a 10-bed unit, two of which are designed as isolation rooms, located at the second floor of the building. Each bed is contained in a completely walled-off, glass cubicle for easy visual monitoring by the ICU staff and lined with long length curtains to ensure patient privacy.

The unit is equipped with highly advanced bedside monitor that indicates a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and ECG tracing. Each cubicle has its own sink, portable suction machine, pipe-in oxygen, sphygmomanometer, and resuscitator bag.

The nurse’s station is located at the middle of the unit. Such ingenious design allows the ICU nurses and personnel to oversee and closely monitor the health conditions of the patients and deliver quick and appropriate treatment and care if the need arises.

The unit has a total of 12 qualified and well-trained ICU/CCU staff nurses. A 3:1 patient-nurse ratio is observed to ensure all the demands and needs of the critically-ill patients are met.

Scheduled viewing and visiting hours are provided to ensure constant communication between patient and relatives or significant others.