At St. Elizabeth Hospital Inc., our goal is to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We also recognize your individual rights as a patient, and it is our policy to treat all patients with dignity, respect and courtesy.

Patients and their designated representatives are involved in decisions regarding the care that we deliver to the extent this is practical and possible. We also seek to inform you about options to the care and risk associated with the care you seek.

We will constantly try to understand and respect your objectives for care. We hope the mutual understanding of these rights and responsibilities will contribute to the best possible patient care and satisfaction.

    -Medical Care
    -Communication and Information
    -Civil rights
    -Privacy and Confidentiality
    -Freedom from Abuse and Restraints
    -Spiritual Beliefs
    -Cost of Hospital Care
    -Discharge Planning
    -Questions, Complaints and Appeals


  • -Give full information, to the best of your knowledge, about your condition, including symptoms, medications, previous health, etc.
  • -Ask questions if you do not clearly understand information or instructions about your care and treatment.
  • -Follow the treatment plan coordinated by your physician.
  • -Be responsible for your own actions if you refuse treatment or refuse to follow treatment instructions and directions.
  • -Ensure that payment of your care is made promptly and in full. This means understanding your insurance coverage and its limits and any added responsibilities you may have.
  • -Follow hospital rules and regulations.
  • -Be considerate and respectful to your caregivers, other patients and visitors to the hospital.
  • -Not have or use alcohol beverages or “recreational” drugs in the hospital.
  • -Not have firearms or other weapons in the hospital.