The GE Lightspeed QX/I Quad CT scanner is the fastest there is in the entire SOCCSKSARGEN region with its whole body multi-slice machine capable of routine 0.8 second full-360° rotation scans. It can perform an imaging such as a cranial CT scans in less than a minute. This scanner is a wide-bore system that is easy to operate and features predefined protocols that performs a wide variety of applications fast and efficiently while delivering exceptional comfort to the patients. With these new features, it would be easier to handle claustrophobic and restless patients, lessening their fear and trauma.

This CT scanner has the power to tackle 3D imaging as well as display different images simultaneously in real-time. The scanner allows for many exams to be performed in a single breath-hold, and can reconstruct multiple slice thickness from just one data acquisition. It is designed to produce optimal image quality, image reconstruction, filming, archiving, networking and display. The speed and fast acquisition time of the CT scanner will provide increased comfort and satisfaction not just for patients but also for the physicians as well.