St. Elizabeth Hospital’s Pulmonary Care Unit (PCU) is a separate specialized unit which handles all the respiratory services offered by the hospital. This includes aerosol therapy or nebulization, chest physiotherapy, spot check/oxygen analysis, arterial blood gas analysis, incentive spirometry, mechanical ventilator, and weaning.

The Respiratory Therapists consist of a Chief Respiratory Therapist (RT) and eight Respiratory Care Practitioners.

They are available 24/7 to render services and ensure proper performance of the procedures and their effectiveness.

The PCU is strategically located beside the ICU, second floor of St. Elizabeth Hospital Incorporated.


  1. Respiratory Services
  • a. Aerosol Therapy
  • b. Chest Physiotherapy
  • c. Ventilator Support
  • d. Lung Expansion Therapy (Incentive Spirometry, Deep Breathing Exercises)
  • e. Oxygen Analysis (Pulse Oximetry)
  1. Diagnostic Services
  • a. Arterial Blood Gas