The ward offers the economy of a 10 bedded room with attached bathroom. The beds are set in a comfortably well ventilated large room. It allows the cost-effective sharing of the room and amenities without reducing the personal space for the individual patient to enjoy privacy and rest.

Semi-private Rooms

Our semi-private rooms are 2-bedder rooms, designed to allow sharing of room and amenities, yet providing space for the individual patient to enjoy privacy and rest. The 2-bed rooms are bright and spacious with a window view. Each patient gets to enjoy personal amenities such as telephone and TV.

Private Room

Private Rooms

All our single rooms are tastefully furnished that create a serene environment for your rest and recovery. Each room comes with a personal dressing table and a sofa bed for your comfort and convenience. It is air-conditioned, with cable television for your entertainment and a telephone line for communication purposes.

Junior Suite Rooms

The Junior Suite room is charmingly furnished and offers a range of conveniences necessary for a comfortable stay. The rooms offer a sanctuary for recovery in comfort and quiet elegance. It includes a sofa, refrigerator, flat screen cable television and wireless internet to accommodate you and your guest during your hospital stay. It includes a telephone line for easy communication access.

Suite Room

Executive Suite Rooms

The Executive suite rooms provide a relaxed ambiance and a good environment for recovery especially for high-profile patients who want top of the line accommodation. The roomy suites includes in its master bedroom a living area with a sofa set with sink and refrigerator for you to receive your visitors, family and friends. It provides a free wireless internet connection for your increased convenience.

Presidential Suite Room

The Deluxe Room promises you a comfortable and restful stay in your home away from home. Delightfully furnished, the Deluxe Room provides a warm and cozy ambience, and offers a range of conveniences which include a patient controlled bed, flat screen TV, refrigerator, three seating dining table and a living room. The living room is ideal for the convenience of family members or companions who stay over.

Presidential Suite