St. Elizabeth Hospital’s hemodialysis center is a testament to the vision and mission of the institution in rendering the highest quality service to the community that it serves. We deliver High-Quality dialysis services by certified, skilled and empowered professionals that possess a genuine compassion for the patients that we serve. The facility caters to the increasing number of patients in the locality choose Hemodialysis as their preferred treatment option for renal insufficiency or renal failure. Dialysis still remains to be the number one life-saving option for those with chronic kidney disease or end stage renal disease.

The Dialysis Center has a spacious area that can accommodate numerous clients at any given time. It has a central station, loaded with 10 individual Hemodialysis machines. Among its amenities are flat panel television sets that provides entertainment while on treatment, a waiting lounge for the patients and watchers, an isolation room for Hepatitis B (+) and Hepatitis C (+) patients and a working area for Peritoneal Dialysis clients.

We are focused on the latest trends and technologies that improve the quality and length of each