Fellow general, finally home after 58 days adrift at sea.


One of this year’s most welcome news came last march 31, 2017 when a young Filipino fisherman came home after getting lost at sea and drifting for nearly two months.  Rolando Omongos, 21 years old, was reunited with his family, albeit minus his uncle who unfortunately perished at sea when the banca that they were riding on got separated from their fleet during a storm.

Rolando was rescued by a passing Japanese vessel off the waters of Papua, New Guinea, nearly 3,000 kilometers away from home.  He is now recovering at home, with plans of going back to school shortly.

When this news came out, the hospital discussed ways of alleviating what would have surely been a traumatic experience for him.  In the end, it was decided that selected hospital staff pay him and his family a visit, bringing with them assorted grocery items and rice.

Rolando’s story is a fitting reminder to all that in life, especially during troubled times, all is indeed not lost.  Hope springs eternal, especially if accompanied by an unwavering trust in god.